First Date Tips for Online Dating

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Online dating has increased in popularity and its popularity continues to rise. For that reason, you may turn to the internet to land a first date. Why wouldn’t you? Online dating is easy and convenient.

Even though it is easy to talk to a girl from your computer, you may still be nervous about the first date. If so, continue reading for a few tips on taking a relationship from the computer to the real world.

Don’t ask for a date right away. Many guys make the mistake of asking for a date online right away. Don’t do it. Yes, your goal is to find a date and possibly start a relationship.

You may want to do this right away, but take it slow. Get to know her first. That is what is nice about online dating. You can learn about her interests and know her personality before wasting too much time or money on a first date that is a disaster.

Exchange phone numbers. Online dating services allow you to make contact through their website. You may also turn to email or instant messaging. This is okay, but be sure to get her phone number. This allows to you call her and ask for a date in person. Women love it when men actually speak the words.

As for getting a phone number from an online dating website, don’t ask for it right away. Some women are cautious about giving personal information too soon. For that reason, wait at least a few days and then ask. You can also ask for a cell phone number, as opposed to landline number.

Try to ask for a date over-the-phone. As previously stated, women like to hear men ask for a date. There is just something about hearing a voice instead of reading typed words. In a way, asking for a date will show that you are man enough to do so in person.

It is easier to hide behind a computer, but don’t let the girl think you are a chicken. If she is unwilling to give you her phone number, she may not be interested in you. You can still ask for a date through the service, but be polite, address her by name, and don’t use short internet acronyms.

Choose a public location for the date. Online dating is increasing in popularity, but it still has its risks and women know this. Make her feel comfortable and safe by opting for a high trafficked public place, such as a popular restaurant.

A romantic picnic is nice, but the woman might be nervous about meeting in a secluded place. Don’t let this be the reason you are turned down. If you later hit it off, you can end the night in private.

Do something you like. As previously stated, online dating is quick, easy, and convenient. With that said, just because you like a woman online, it does not guarantee you will like her in person. It is easy for people to hide behind a computer.

In fact, you may find that your date lied to you about her age, her looks, and so forth. That is why you should do something you like. If you don’t want to end the date early, at least you are doing something you enjoy.

Make sure you don’t have her confused with someone else. This is the most important rule of online dating. Even if you use one online dating service, you should communicate with many women. It can be hard to keep these women and their interests separate.

If you get a date with a woman you met online, review all forms of communication before the date. Reread her dating profile, review your emails, and so forth. The easiest way to ruin a first date is to confuse her with someone else.

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