Safety Tips for Online Dating

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When you are looking to give online dating a try, you must know from the beginning that online dating, just as a traditional dating, does carry with it a few risks. However you like to do it, dating is a dangerous game.

While Internet dating can open many doors for daters, you need to be smart and safe when meeting people online. Most of people online are honest and sincere people who are looking for a partner, but there are also people with ill intentions. When getting to know people online you should follow some basic safety rules.

To make the online dating experience a great one, you should keep in mind some safety tips such as:

  • you have to be patient; online dating requires a lot of patience; even if you are anxious to meet new people, don’t rush into meeting with strangers; you should take time to know the person before you meet in real life
  • one of the most important rules is that you should keep your personal information private; if you don’t know who you are dealing with, do not provide personal information about yourself; don’t share your real name, phone number, place of work, address, or any other identify information while chatting or emailing until you are comfortable doing so; this information may fall into wrong hands
  • also never give out personal financial details of wages, salaries, savings, investments, bank credits or card details
  • even if you decide to make a date, you should not give personal information about yourself until you know the person better
  • if you decided to meet the person face to face, you better choose a meeting during the day and in a public place
  • but you shouldn’t jump from online chats to a face to face meeting; first you have to collect some information about that person; it is better to talk on the phone, and use it as an additional checkpoint; a phone can reveal much about a person’s communication and social skills; in this way you can protect your security
  • ask for a photo, this will give you a good idea of the person’s appearance; it she comes with excuses, it means that she has something to hide
  • also it is important that you use a recent picture and be truthful in your description about yourself; think about the fact that maybe someday you will have to meet her face to face and then she will get angry to see that you have lied from the beginning; so you can end a possible relationship before it begins
  • don’t be afraid to flirt a little if that’s how you feel, but don’t be too flirtations as it could be taken the wrong way
  • wait until you find your soul mate, don’t fall in love with the first girl who is chatting with you; make carefully choices about the information you provide to a date and also be conservative regarding choices of physical and emotional intimacy
  • take all the time you need to test a person to see if she is lying and pay carefully attention along the way; if you think she is lying, act accordingly; move on to someone you can eventually trust
  • if you feel something is not right, listen to your gut and get out the situation; use common sense to make good decisions; trust your instincts and immediately quit corresponding when you feel unsure; if she is not your type let her know politely by proposing her to be just friends
  • so if anything makes you feel uncomfortable and if you have some doubts about that person, walk away for your own safety and protection
  • watch out for someone who seems too good to be true because may not be who she says
  • stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for giving your private information
  • you can ask a lot of questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers you get
  • only meet when you are ready, and when you consider that you have all the information you need about that person
  • never meet someone who argues against your instincts or pressures you in any way
  • it is better to stick reputable and honest online dating services for your safety

I wish you good luck in finding your soul mate and it is up to you now to keep your own safety and protection.

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